Friday, November 11, 2011


Hey everyone!
So we've received quite a few projects in need of help, such as character designs, environment designs, storyboards, etc. If you have the time and are looking for a challenge, check out the list below. FYI, any work you do in these can go towards your portfolio.

Student Thesis: Visual Effects Composition: Sophie Van Ronselé
       Needs: Concept Designers
        For more information:

Message: Hi guys,
I came to the meeting a couple of weeks ago with Tor. My major is compositing and my thesis is going to be an hommage to the Sci-Fi movies from the 50's. It will incorporate live action & CG. It's going to be shot in 3D and the final product will be in 3D as well.
I am looking for someone who can help me with concept art. Particularly to design a flying alien. I don't want a flying saucer and I have an idea about something more organic.
I was also supposed to come back last week but I haven't had time to prepare enough. However, I gathered more elements for tomorrow's meeting and am looking forward to seeing you all!

  • Theme: sci-fi movies from the 50s
  • No title yet - presentation is by Spring 2012
  • Scenes where people are running away or in awe of saucers
  • Movie example "Sky Captain"
  • Is going to be made specifically towards 3D feel
  • Need - Alien aircraft that's unique (DESIGN!!!)
    • Can include collateral damage shots
Student Thesis: Visual Effects Compositing: Tor Andreassen
       Needs: Storyboard Artists, Contemporary Dancer/Ballerina/Classical Dancer\

       For More Information:
Hello Ideation club. I was pitching my thesis project for finding a storyboard artist on Friday, Oct 28. I was suppose to get back there last friday to show stick drawings so hopefully someone could help out with a real storyboard.

I didn't have time last friday because of midterm deadlines, but I'll drop by this Friday, to see if someone would like to still be interested in making a storyboard for it. The thesis was about a dancer with stage-fright (for those of you you who remember) Just letting you know. Thanks, Tor.

  • Presentation is by Spring 2012
  • Make-up artists needs to be good with blood effects
  • Preferred dancer - someone who can do contemporary new style
  • Girl's first performance as a ballerina
    • Contemporary dance - need dancer
      • girl = scared, isolation, etc.
      • girl gets nervous, but then tunes into her own world
        • very colorful -- possibly have colors spilling out
          • flows? clouds? wisps of smoke? etc.
        • spotlight on her
      • animation is going to be about 1 minute long
      • no specific music chosen yet
      • needs someone is who is committed
      • goal is to take it a step further and essentially make it epic
Student Thesis: Visual Effects Composition: Doygu
       Needs: Possibly concept designers and environmental artists

  • Presenting in Fall 2012 - December 9th
  • Story: Dragon going through well into a new world 
  • New world = dragon's home
    • Huge pocket under the Earth 
      • Naturally made (not man-made)
      • It's like a cave
  • Needs: purpose of the dragon going into the water of the new world
  • Main focus: map painting and composition
  • Main purpose: the dragon is coming home
  • Time: daytime (because need light sources)
New Project: Student Thesis: Dan Radcliffe
       Needs: Concept Designers

Message: Hey everyone, I am presenting my thesis in December and wanted a concept artist to redo my character turnarounds to make the presentation a little better. I will pay you to help me out, especially for what I would consider an easy job. There is not much time left, but you wouldn't really have to create much, you would just have to use the pics of my turnarounds and 3d models for reference and make them better. If you want to make some $$$ and are quick enough to get the drawings done for me, send me an email at Also, if you could send a sample of some of your other turnarounds that would be very helpful, just so I can make sure the styles match.

Thanks a ton, hope to hear back from some good concept artists!

New Project: Student Thesis: Lucien Night
       Needs: Environmental Artists
       More info to come....

New Project: Student Thesis: Architect - Visual Effects and Lighting: Ricky
       Needs: Storyboard Artists - needs help in refining ideas
       More info to come....


Ji said...

I think I'd be interested in helping the person who needs a storyboard artist about the contemporary dance. From what they're describing, I think watercolours would do beautifully to get that feeling I'm thinking of when reading through the proposal.

Tor said...

Hello Ji! That sounds really great :) I'd like to talk more with you. I have developed the story a bit further as the heads of department really seem to like this and want me to dig even deeper into it. There is now also more artists working with me, like effect majors. A composers is in progress also.

I'm thinking of concept art also maybe. If you still are interested, I would love to talk more with you in detail about what I'm thinking as there has been some development.

More details about the project can be found on the website, but as mentioned there has been some development that has not been published to the site yet.

Thanks for showing interest in the project.
Hope to see hear back from you soon.

- Tor

Ji said...

I'm still very much interested Tor. I have examples of my art on my website and my email is there as well if you'd like to contact me off of the blogspot website. However, I'd like for you to look through and make sure my style of art is something you're willing to work with so I don't impede you in any way or we're not at a standstill as partners.

Thank you for contacting me back!