Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Artist Profile #8: Chris Sasaki

I try to follow as many artists as I can (from as broad a range of styles as possible) to keep reminding myself just how many possibilities there are to accomplish a story. And I am floored every day, I must say.

There's everything from the realistic approach, to the abstract approach, and literally, everything in-between.
And every once in a while, I'll land on an artist who's work is just, plain, FUN.

That's Chris Sasaki.

His style of characters is just, fun.
It's just shameless, unapologetic caricature... telling very simple vignettes.
And I love it.

Look at the shapes of his characters, and how just the shape alone, is telling it's own part of the overall story.
The witch, for example, is not perfectly circular.... in all of her forms (arm, chin, head, breasts, etc.) she's in a slight state of SQUASH (squash and stretch principle). This helps sell the feeling her being heavy and a bit squishy. Which...... matches her broom!
Character! Storytelling! Genius!

Check out more of his work at:

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