Thursday, November 10, 2011

Artist Profile #3: Peter de Sève

Peter de Sève is an accomplished illustrator and visual development artist, mostly known for his amazing New Yorker covers, and his delightful character designs for the Ice Age films.
He's the guy who designed Scrat

Yeah. That guy. He's awesome.

The greatest thing about his illustrations is the incredibly amount of character and design he infuses into them. I talk a lot about story, because I think it's the most important thing an artist can consider when designing for a film... or anything really. And it would seem that's all Peter does is focus on story, because his paintings are so rich with it, it's just insane.

Ice Age 2

Ice Age 2

Ice Age 3

Arthur Christmas

There is SO much more beautiful work to been seen!
Check it out here:

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Chiryuu said...

I love Peter de Seve's stuff too! I like looking at his character sketches, there's a lot of nuances and personality, and they're satirical and quirky. You can learn a lot just by looking at his portfolio.