Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Artist Profile #1: Pascal Campion

So I thought it might be cool if very once in a while we shared the work of our favorite artists. I know I have QUITE a few... so I'll get the ball rolling with....

He's a French-American illustrator and animator living here in San Francisco. He mainly works in Flash, and then finishes in Photoshop.

What I love most about his paintings is how much character is infused into each one of them. They tell a STORY. Which, to me, is Rule #1 when creating an illustration. In the words of Mr. Lasseter, "Story is king." Without it, you're painting can still be beautiful, and can even possibly move someone (in the moment), but it's the story that will stick with them, and make a long-term change inside the viewer.

Also, his use of color, composition, and sense of light is amazing. Great for studying how simple design and color can go a LONG way. Enjoy!

*Feel free to introduce us to your favorite artists as well!

For more, check out his blog and website at:

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