Saturday, November 26, 2011

Artist Profile #10: Denis Zilber

Okay, here's one for ya!

He is a freelance illustrator who, I believe, does mostly editorial work. 

His work is just, stunning. His designs are so colorful. 
And let me make it clear that I mean, his designs are both abounding in actual color; while also being rich, striking, and full of life.
His storytelling choices are so interestingly original, and he uses EVERY element of the picture to tell them.
For instance, the one of the shark smiling under a lineup of swimmers..... He didn't just draw any old legs, dangling beneath the surface.... He made the legs plump, juicy, and helpless... like a hungry shark would want. Storytelling!

Also, notice how most of the time, his work is very dimensional, fully rendered, round, and exaggerated; Then  every once in while, he changes everything altogether and goes very graphic. But!..... his brilliant storytelling never fades a bit! I've always believed it's important to be able to switch gears when the assignment calls for it.

Also, he's got some great process videos:

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