Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meeting Minutes: February 3, 2012

Here are the minutes from the last meeting:

- introductions
- we have a new board!:
            > President: Mina Roy
            > Vice President: Niko Pope
            > Treasurer: Alejandro Bibriesca
            > Secretary: Logan Pearsall
- we are officially meeting on Fridays, in Room 140, at 540 Powell, from 5PM-8PM. This may change, depending on pending workshop schedules.
- we have a new form for people to fill out who want us to work on their project(s)
- all upcoming volunteering opportunities will be posted with the official volunteering logo.
- we are in the process of asking outside artists to come and give demos. Also we brought up the idea of having our own members give demos. Why not use the talent we have, when we can? Right? But we'll also look into get a list of professionals and alumni to join us to do some "educational post-mortems" for us.
- we're gonna try to draw as a group for at least 15 minutes at the beginning of every meeting. These drawings are to both keep our brains firing, but also may be used in our book.
- Jared brought up the idea of a collaborative "master" painting, where we would all participate and contribute a small portion.
- idea of a monthly Sketchcrawl
- book topic ideas:
            > single topic
            > sketches from the club meetings
            > pop culture / "fan art" topics
            > we should have limitations and deadlines to keep us motivated.

See you all at the next meeting!

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