Saturday, February 4, 2012

Artist Profile #24: Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a story artist, and has worked for Disney, Pixar, and Sony on various projects.
Currently he's working on Pete Docter's (Monsters, Inc., Up) new "Mind" project.
(very exciting!) 
He's also worked on Arthur Christmas and A Monster in Paris.

What I love most about his sketches is how he captures San Francisco.
As artists, everything we put to paper is about our individual choices. So, more than likely you can see the artist in the art. And, to me, Matt's lines capture the city beautifully. They genuinely show the charm, complexity, and life that this city has.

Matt has such a clever way of capturing city scenes with only a marker.
That same cleverness is extremely apparent in his gesture drawings. Look at how much character and story is infused in such simple and fast scribblings.

And if his stuff looks like Ronald Searle, it's probably because Matt is a super fan of Mr. Searle's.
Check out his fan site here.

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