Monday, February 13, 2012

Meeting Minutes: February 10, 2012

Here are the minutes from the last meeting:

- here's what we're thinking... instead of creating our own sketchcrawl, we're gonna tag onto the already established Sunday Sketch Group. Every Sunday, 11AM. Check their facebook page for weekly updates/details.
- we've submitted our posters to Dax, and they'll be around campus shortly. Keep your eyes peeled!
- Logan brought up the idea of doing a Sketch Swap, where every week/month we each submit a sketch (from given topic), then Logan will swap/redistribute them to other members of the group, and you finish someone else's for the following week, to be posted right here on the blog! (**generally good response)
- Alejandro brought up the idea of "postponing" the publishing date of our book to at least not the end of this semester, and maybe even to a couple semesters in the future. That way, we publish a book that's solid and filled with great stuff, instead of just publishing to publish. We'll also try to do them in volumes, so we can create a legacy series for Ideation Clubs of the future!
- the idea of a movie night (documentary, live-action, animated, etc.) Make suggestions to Mina!
- finally, we continued doing our sketch sessions at the beginning of the meeting. this week's topic: San Francisco Jedi's. Check out the results soon!

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