Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Artist Profile #18: Joao Bessa Ribeiro

And now for one of our own.
A fellow Academy grad....

A "short" story...
My first week in San Francisco, I took a walkthrough of the Powell building, and immediately started drooling over the amazing designs on the walls. I made it to the third floor (caught my breath), and saw this amazing layout design of a typewriter repair shop/closet that had been done for a past Spring Show (I think).

I was floored. It was just incredible to look at. The story, the perspective, the design! 
It was a soul-crushing experience for my first week in San Francisco, to say the least. But it did set the standard for what was to be expected of me, and what the prize might at least look like. So I kept my eye on it. I checked for who the artist was.... no name. Damn.

Fast forward two or so months...
I randomly land on Joao's blog, and again, I'm floored by the level of the work Academy students are producing. It's mostly digital, lots of creature and vehicle designs. Just... amazing... stuff. The colors are so vivid, and the designs are so tight. He has some great character development work from his thesis. It's just great. And then, as I scroll down.... I see the typewriter layout! uh-- yeah. It's the same guy!

Long story short (too late)...
Make sure you check out his blog. Check out the process video at the bottom. Be amazed. 

Happy New Year!

***The title of this post was "Misery"... and the exact words underneath the picture were:
"I hate this class. I really do. No motivation. No pleasure in doing this stuff. It's just annoying."
uh--- if you're not using this skill-set, Joao, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.***

Thesis Work

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