Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Artist Profile #17: Mattias Adolfsson

Okay boys and girls...
grab your pens, your ink, and some adult diapers... 
because you're about to sh*t yourselves.

That was a bit blue... sorry.

Mattias Adolfsson is a freelance illustrator based just outside of Stockholm Sweden.
And he's a wizard... which would make his quill, his wand.

He has such an inventive and creative mind when it comes to telling stories, and then he only compliments that with his intricacy and attention to detail. 
His style is very loose (and by loose, I mean wobbly), but it always serves the illustration. 

He's always been a reminder to me that even if your style doesn't "fit" into what the industry might be looking for... if it's strong, you can make a niche for yourself: Because you'll be the only place the industry can go to get that particular branch of art.
Make it happen!

Be sure to check out his sketchbook walkthroughs at the bottom. 
They... are... insaaaaaaane!

And his blog has SO much more brilliant art.


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